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Viridian L-Glutamine Powder 100g

Convenient powder presentation of this popular amino acid. Simply mix with water or juice.


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L-Glutamine 100g powder

INGREDIENTS: each level teaspoon (3.5g approx.) provides:

L-Glutamine 3.5g

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  • BRAIN FUEL - Glutamine crosses the blood /brain barrier readily and is converted into Glutamic acid in the brain.  As a key neurotransmitter it helps increase mental function, alertness, and exerts a mild anti-depressant effect. 
  • INTESTINAL HEALTH - Glutamine is the major source of energy for cells in the GI tract. The gut or any other of the mucous membranes respond exceptionally well to glutamine, which helps to heal mucosal tissue.
  • STRESS AND TRAUMA –  when individuals are metabolically stressed, they become catabolic, which means that their tissue is breaking down.  Increased stress or injury dramatically increases glutamine usage and excretion.  Supplemental glutamine can help support muscle tissue and prevent muscle wastage and breakdown.
  • LIVER DETOXIFICATION – glutamine acts as a nitrogen shuttle helping reduce the formation of toxic levels of ammonia in the liver.  Glutamine is also required by the liver to manufacture gluathione a potent antioxidant.
  • IMMUNE BOOSTER – glutamine has been shown to stimulate lymphocytes, phagocytes and antibody IgA (keeps bacteria from entering the body) activity.  Data shows that optimal glutamine levels are crucial in preventing immunosuppression in burns patients.  Autoimmune conditions can benefit from glutamine administration due to glutathione production reducing harmful cytokine activity.  
  • SPORTS PERFORMANCE – glutamine can offer a variety of benefits for athletes through supporting muscle tissue maintenance, stress control, and immune support.
  • PAIN – Glutamine has been found to be almost as effective as phenylbutazone (similar to aspirin) in reducing pain, inflammation and swelling.


Dosage range: 500mg-5000mg daily


Potential applications: sports nutrition, stress management, detoxification, ‘leaky gut’ syndrome, mouth, stomach or intestinal ulcers, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, IBS, chemotherapy, alcoholism, surgery and post surgical recovery, mental ‘sharpness’


Known contraindications: patients with severe liver disease should avoid glutamine supplementation


Useful links: Glutamine can be used alongside flavonoids such as grape seed extract or quercetin, and chlorophyll rich green foods to aid with intestinal repair.


Note: Take away from protein for maximum effect, ideally 30-60 minutes before or after a meal