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Advanced Magnesium Complex 60 Capsules

What's the best way to take mineral supplements?  There are several options like amino acid chelates and organic acids like citrates.  Orotates however are the mineral salts of orotic acid, a natural substance found in our bodies and also in various foods including dairy products.  Orotates are a component of a natural system of electrolyte carriers for distributing minerals throughout the body.

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Serving Size:  2 capsules


Serving per container:  30


One capsule provides:


Magnesium Orotate


Magnesium Citrate


Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)





What it is

Of all the macro minerals in the human body, magnesium is the one most like to be deficient.  The average person's body contains just under 30 grams of magnesium, but this small amount is vital to a number of bodily functions. Magnesium deficiency stems from a diet with too many processed foods, it is easily depleted by stress, certain diseases or medications and intense physical activity.

What it does

  • ·        Magnesium is a vital catalyst in enzyme activity, especially in energy production.
  • ·         Nerve function - the transmission of nerve and muscle impulses.
  • ·         Muscle Relaxation
  • ·         Bone and tooth formation
  • ·         Magnesium is necessary to prevent the calcification of soft tissue.
  • ·         It assists in calcium and potassium uptake.
  • ·         In conjunction to calcium and potassium, magnesium regulates heart rhythm and clots blood. it protects the arterial lining from stress caused by                 sudden blood pressure changes.
  • ·         It aids in the production and use on insulin.
  • ·         PMS
  • ·         Maintaining the body's proper pH balance and emperature.
  • ·         Effective in preventing premature labour and convulsions in pregnant women.