Maxi UniSEX Booster (2capsule pack) Maximize

Maxi UniSEX Booster (2capsule pack)

Maxi UniSEX Boooster is a unique formula made from Deer antler Velvet from New Zealand.  Endurance Enhancer for men and women.

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Maxi UniSEX Booster is traditionally used to increase libido, assist with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Maxi Ingredients:  once capsule provides:

100% Deer Velvet powder (Cervus Elaphus)  100mg

Epimedum  175mg

Rhemannia Root  50mg

Sarsaparilla  50mg



Take one capsue at least 30 minutes before intercourse.  Do not exceed recommended dosage of one capsule per day.

Suitable for men and women.