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Sfera Deer Velvet 30capsules

Brand new in South Africa - Deer Velvet imported from New Zeeland.  Also known as antler velvet.

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30 Caps

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Deer Velvet (Cervus Elaphus)

What is Deer Velvet:

Deer Velvet is the epidermis that covers the inner structure of the growing bone and cartilage that will become deer antlers.

Deer Velvet uses:

  • Orally, Deer Velvet is used to boost strength and endurance
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Treat sexual dysfunction and impotence
  • Boos oestrogen and testosterone levels
  • Counter the effects of stress
  • Improve immune system functioning, and to promote rapid recovery from illness.
  • Improve fertility, for menstrual and menopause problems, to reduce hormone replacement therapy dose.
  • Reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Source of growth factors (IGR-1 and IGF-2)
  • Tonic for children with failure to thrive, mental retardation, learning disabilities, insufficient growth, or skeletal deformities including rickets.
  • Used at the onset of winter to ward off infections.
  • Improve athletic performance and injuries.
  • Reduce the effects of ageing


Mechanism of action

By weight, deer velvet is approximately 50% amino acids. (5502) Deer velvet also contains vitamin A, estrone and estradiol, sphingomeylin, ganglioside, some prostaglandins and epidermal growth factor. (5518) Deer velvet is believed to stimulate the growth of body tissues, particularly the reticuloendothelial cells and leukocytes.  It also appears to stimulate wound healing.

Deer velvet seems to reduce fatigue by improving sleep and stimulating appetite.  It is believed to improve health, especially in children and the elderly. (5502).

Preliminary evidence suggest that athletes taking deer velvet experience increased muscular strength and endurance in training.  They also seem to recover faster from muscle tissue damage that results from exercise.(5505)

Adverse reactions

None reported

Interactions with herbs and other dietary supplements

None known

Interaction with Drugs

None known

Interactions with foods

None known

Interactions with Diseases or Conditions

Estrogen-sensitive conditions:  Theoretically, women with conditions sensitive to estrogen, i.e. history of breast or cervical cancer, should avoid using deer velvet.


PLEASE NOTE:  Sfera Deer Velvet is imported from New Zealand where there is a big deer industry and very strict regulations for harvesting the antler velvet.  The process is cruelty free and the animals are not harmed in any way.  The raw material is also tested by the NZ food and safety regulatory body for any pathogens.