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Sfera Garcitrin Garcinia 60caps

Garcinia Gambogia is the perfect supplement to help assist in weight management without any side-effects.

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Garcinia Gambogia

INGREDIENTS:  one vegetarian capsule provides:

Garcinia Cambogia (60% extract)               500mg


Providing 300mg HCA (Hydroxy citric acid)


Other ingredients:  Cellulose vegi-capsule, vegetarian magnesium stearate


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Technical information:

Also known as… BrindalBerry, HCA, Hydroxycitrate, Malabar Tamarind and Vrikshamla.  Do not confuse with Gamboge, Malabar Nut, Mangosteen or Tamarind.

Mechanism of action

The Garcinia fruit rind is theorized to interfere with lipogenesis (1).  The active ingredient HCA is believed to be a competitive inhibitor of ATP-citrate-lyase, the enzyme responsible for converting citrate into acetyl-coenzyme A (acetyl-CoA).  This conversion into acetyl-CoA occurs when the energy consumed exceeds the energy requirements of the body (2).

Other researchers thing that garcinia inhibits the supply of fatty acids without affecting adipose conversion.  Preliminary research suggests that garcinia inhibits the accumulation of lipid droplets in fat cells and thereby reduces lipid levels and decreased lipid accumulation in the liver (3).  The HCA found in garcinia is also theorized to improve exercise endurance by increasing lipid oxidation and decreasing carbohydrate utilization.(4)(4487).  Some research suggests that HCA might suppress appetite.

Other useful studies include:

WEIGHT LOSS- Research conducted on 90 obese subjects at Georgetown University in Washington concluded that at the end of 8 weeks, both body weight and body mass index (BMI) decreased by 5.4%, low-density lipoprotein and triglycerides levels were reduced by 12.9% and 6.9%, respectively, while high-density lipoprotein levels increased by 8.9%, serum leptin levels decreased by 38%, serotonin levels increased by 44.5% and urinary excretion of fat metabolites increased by 32-109%.  No significant adverse effects were observed and the results confirm that HCA reduces body weight and BMI, suppresses appetite, improves blood lipid profiles, and increases serum leptin and serotonin levels and increases fat oxidation more than placebo. (5)

EXERCISE PERFORMANCE - One study examined the effects of Hydroxycitrate (HCA) ingestion on fat oxidation during moderate intensity exercise in untrained men. Six subjects ingested 500 mg of HCA or a placebo for 5 days and did endurance exercise. Blood FFA concentrations were significantly increased and respiratory exchange ratio (RER) decreased by HCA ingestion. These results suggested short-term HCA ingestion increases fat oxidation in untrained men. A number of other studies suggest that even short-term administration of HCA enhances endurance performance with increasing fat oxidation, which spares glycogen utilization during moderate intensity exercise in athletes.(6)

Safety Concerns

Adverse Reactions

Orally, garcinia can cause nausea, GI discomfort, and headache (7).

Interactions with herbs and other dietary supplements

None known

Interactions with drugs

None known

Interactions with foods

None known

Interactions with lab tests

None known

Interactions with Diseases or Conditions

None known


Pregnancy and lactation – insufficient reliable information, avoid using.

Dosage and Administration

Take one 500mg capsule four times daily.


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